Immigration law in the United States has and continues to cause a great deal of trouble for anyone wishing to visit, immigrate, and naturalize in the United States. The obscure regulations that govern this area of law are best interpretted by a team of legal professionals who are experienced and knowledgable in this field. Navigating immigration law on our own is a daunting task, especially when you consider the serious reprecussions of making fatal errors. Our attorneys and para-professionals are here to help you navigate the waters of immigration law.

Should I try to apply without an attorney?


Many of our clients are often the byproduct of the myriad of mistakes of trying to apply for immigration relief without counsel. While many individuals are succesful in this endeavor, countless more encounter significant barriers that leave them in daunting situations. (i.e. deportation proceedings and detention). While we are not here to scare you or discourage individuals from trying to seek relief, it is always best to consult an attorney when seeking immigration relief and benefits.  

The Four Main FATAL Mistakes Client Make

  • Misrepresenting information to USCIS.
  • Failing to provide proper evidenciary support and respond to RFE's. (Requests for Evidence)
  • Seeking benefits or relief that one isn't qualified for which leads to removal proceedings. (i.e Deportation)
  • Seeking unqualified representation in Immigration Law. (Non-attorney).  


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Thank you very much for great professional and personal help to Leonard B. Sukherman and Sergey Liberchuk in my real estate case. Everything went smoothly and very satisfactory . Thank you very much for you time and attention.

Galina K
Real Estate

My sincere gratitude to Leonard B. Sukherman and all his staff for their outstanding assistance in my immigration case. They guided me through the entire relative immigration process and would encourage me to stay positive, but they were realistic at the same time.

This law firm is trustworthy and their rates are very reasonable. I would recommend all of my family and friends to seek the assistance of this firm for any immigration matter.

Niso K

Leonid Sukherman very professional and friendly attorney! Many many year ago he helped me and my family. I love this team !I absolutely recommend this firm all my friends every time. Special Thanks for Serge Liberchuk you the best! Highly recommended!
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Gayane G

Did a great job with my immigration case! Thank you. 

Sergio Harashyn